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I cannot contain myself about the minimalist beauty of sharing with people whose work I had long followed in print, listserves and even in person, now in just 14o characters or less.  I am one of those who does not have to struggle to stay within 140.  This happy limit teaches me how tight writing can really be.  The big question I wrestle with is the same one I have year after year.  Is this something that will spill into my language teaching?

So I read this article in Le Monde online (24/6/09) with the title ”

La révolution sera twitterisée… et oubliée”

There was something comforting about seeing that  Twitter adjective in French that made me think this might be the right time to talk to my French students about using Twitter for language learning. I have also begun having conversations with colleagues about how they use Twitter in language teaching. Most of these uses are extremely creative and very different than just answering  the question “What are you doing?” I’m getting so many great ideas this way.

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  1. Hi there:

    There is, as with many social media tools, a lot of really good resources out there for teaching, and of course, a lot of tripe. I have found Twitter to be really helpful for headlines for newspapers in the target language (sort of a more interesting RSS feed if you will). The good news is that lots of languages are supported. Even (giggle) Klingon:

    I enjoy your blog, and thank you for linking to ours!

    Comment by Barbara | January 10, 2010 | Reply

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