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Sometimes I think about the baby inside one of those Russian nesting dolls. What a fascinating design. Every other doll opens and creates suspense and expectation until you come to the baby. Life feels like that- so incredibly multi-layered until you get back to that beginning part that does not open on demand. The little hard-core baby is in there resting all the time.

I see the repetition of this metaphor in my current research of instructional technologies. Always in search of the simple, open and free, I end up in a lot of wikis that contain a lot of links to place to explore, some to which I have been and some to which I promise to return, via delicious. I have made friends this way. Some of us bump into each other on the same or parallel roads. Finding and sorting the resources is sometimes like a kind of e-hoarding- you never know when something may be useful later. I was hoping my laptop would be a place that could stay neater than my desk or my datebook, but I have to be vigilant to make that so.

It all begins with good intentions. Facebook is easy enough because it is limited to family and a few friends, then there is Twitter which is riskier because the Followed have a tendency to take you in all different directions. Nonetheless, it can lead to very fascinating places. Then there are the wikis of those I admire and trust where I find we are all drawn to so many lists like “the top ten”, “the hundred best” “1000 things you need to know” “7 incredible revelations”. I find good things at these places, but it takes time.

I am pretty sure our brains are changing.

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