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MS Awareness Week March 8-14 2010

My baby is soon to be 23 and we are still fighting to find a cure for MS. This month, a new drug comes out to improve her walking speed. This year, a new oral drug will give some folks relief from injections and infusions that have been an annoying part of their regular routine. I have only begun to focus on the impact of this disease on my own health. So during this Awareness Week, I am re-dedicating myself to my own fitness and health, because I can only be strong for her if I am strong. And I have had better days……

Lexi’s mobility has changed significantly in one year. She walks with a cane and tires easily. Most of the energy she does have goes into organizing her surroundings to have the most normal life possible. We have wonderful friends all around us who support us with so much grace.

On April 11, our team MSisBS will walk in the Reston Walk MS 3.5 mile walk. I hope all our friends and family will walk with us in solidarity, either physically or through their continuing support.

One love, one heart.

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