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On the Eve of Another Northeast Conference

This Friday, I’ll be making the trek back to Baltimore for three days of what should be a conference to remember. Call me nostalgic, but I really look forward to spring with my colleagues many of whom I only see once a year. My professional life has changed enormously since I first started coming to NECTFL. For the most part, my classroom now has no walls. Learning happens in the classroom, via skype and online. This morning I administered a test to a student in France, who earlier this semester literally took her classmates on a trip down the Champs-Élysées via iPhone.She braved cold February winds to narrate her guided tour. Living in France, she gave us a perspective that no textbook could offer. A music major taking my class, who sings in various Romance languages, is recording her Debussy recital this week for her classmates and posting it online for all our benefit. We are all sharing our gifts with each other, using language for real-world purposes, not just for academic pursuits. Technology is the facilitator that we have begun to take for granted. It is not about whether we can do something, it is about how. It is just amazing all that we can do! I continue to be amazed by the generosity and all the sharing.
This weekend, I will look for gifts to share with my students in the sessions and workshops of our yearly regional conference. I know I will have some inspiring conversations with friends that I see just once a year.
There is still time to register onsite, if you want to join us!

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