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2015 Update to Chloebentley’s Blog

To all my friends and family, I am blessed to be blogging in my sixth decade. I still have so much more I want to do, even though what I do right now is enough activity for at least six people. Last month, I walked a 1/2 marathon called the DC Rock n’ Roll. Cannot tell you how elated this achievement makes me.

For seven years, I have been helping all those who are searching for a cure to fight multiple sclerosis, alongside the most badass fighter I know, my own child. She is an inspiring advocate for health of body, mind and spirit and a true inspiration to our whole family. She is frankly the first reason I have paid such attention to my own diet and fitness level. I am in the best shape physically as I have been in many years,as a tribute to her and thanks to her.

I am still in the most exciting profession that anyone can have, a career in World Languages. This profession has brought me full circle from teaching French and Portuguese in the early years at my alma mater and now at ,y own institution. Presently, I teach all of my classes online, through one of the pioneers in distance learning.

I continue my journey in the world of OER, the solution to making educational materials to the world. This year, I will be working as Editor of MERLOT World Languages for 15 years. Through MERLOT, I have become involved in the MERLOT Africa Network. I am very proud of this work.

So what shall we talk about?

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  1. You certainly are an inspiration to colleagues like me, Laura! I’m so happy I stumbled on your blog. 🙂

    So, you asked “what shall we talk about?” Well, I’d like to chat a bit about MERLOT.

    One of the students in my online EDU 285 (Teaching Online) course discovered MERLOT earlier this week while completing one of her assignments in the course. She commented that she was excited about discovering the resource, but found MERLOT’s website “big and confusing”. I offered her the following advice,

    “…I agree that the resources out on MERLOT are quite extensive. As a first step, you might want to set up your search criteria to include keywords on the topic you are searching for, but then scroll down and click the link for “Find materials with peer reviews, member comments, learning exercises, Content Builder, bookmark collections, and more:” This will expand your search options. I would then recommend you check the boxes next to “MERLOT award winner” and/or “has member comments / discussions”. I’ve often found this type of search presents me with a reasonable number of quality resources.”

    I was wondering if you had any other words of wisdom I could offer her.

    ~~ Joan

    Comment by josbor61 | April 1, 2015 | Reply

    • Send your student to the Teacher Ed expert, it’s editor, Jane Moore:

      Welcome to the MERLOT Teacher Education Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. You are invited to join MERLOT — it’s free –and contribute to this growing community of teacher education instructors by using the learning materials, submitting your own modules and assignments for evaluation, and learning ideas to help you teach online and in the classroom.

      If you have any questions, contact the Editor of the Teacher Education Editorial Board, Jane Moore at

      Comment by chloebentley | April 1, 2015 | Reply

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