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Can’t tell you how jazzed I am to be going to New Orleans to spend the week with my MERLOT fam. Doubly so since the emphasis is on  the Humanities this year with History, Music and World Languages featured disciplines.Could not be a more appropriate venue.

I will be blogging, no doubt, about the keynote of my wonderful friend Bee who has made it possible to follow her presentation virtually, in the event you cannot come in person. Check it out, in her own words. You are invited!!!:

 You may participate in her presentation according to Bee by:

  • blogging about it (tag your post merlot2007onlap)
  • photographing/recording/making a video of it and displaying your production online (remember to tag it using merlot2007onlap)



  • listening to it and interacting with the online participants and presenter directly from the Merlot Conference Room.
  • listening to it online from your home through the webcast (see explanation below) being streamed from the Webheads in Action page
  • listening to it through the webcast and interacting online through chat with participants on Boracay Island in Second Life (you need to become a member of SL and download the SL software first if you do not have it)
  • listening to it through the webcast and interacting through chat with participants in Alado.
  • listening to it through the webcast, interacting through chat with participants inside Second Life. (see co-presenters in the communities)

    A Live Interactive Webcast is basically like a global radio show that is produced and accessed via the internet. A discussion between two or more more parties using a telephony program is streamed live so that many listeners can tune in and, when desired, call in to the show host and participate in the discussion. These shows usually include the use of a text chat room so that listeners and discussion participants can communicate with each other during the show. Telephony + Two-way audio capturing + live streaming = Live Interactive Webcasting. (Source – Webcast Academy Curriculum ”

    I hope all of you do come. I met Bee because of such a collaborative, interactive environment. What an exciting world.

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    YouTube,Teachertube, Languagetube

    The use of digital video to teach language in a real-world context was  an inevitable development and it is here. Youtube no doubt will inspire all kind of tubes, hence where I went this morning. I was greeted by a young man teaching me how to greet in Thai: Sawaddee

    Thailand, as you have heard and maybe learned this morning, is the land of the smile. I like learning this way. What about my students? What about you?

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    In our flatter than a pancake world….

    folks are talking about languages. I had a very nice conversation with my colleague and new friend, Bee Dieu yesterday on skype. I knew her first by her work on the web four years ago when MERLOT peer-reviewed her  excellent Navegar webquest.  It resonated with me, because of my Brazilian background and also because, in addition to the same three languages- Portuguese, French and English, Bee and I share the same passion for making a difference with  instructional technology.  Bee teaches English at a French lycee in Brazil, but connects with language professionals all over the world through an organization called Webheads in Action. The Webheads are enormously generous in their willingness to share  their ICT expertise and strategies, even organizing free online conferences with world-renowned keynoters and concurrent presenters. (The next such event will take place online later this month; register, if you can at

    Anyway, where I really connected with Bee was when she gave an online presentation called Networking on the Net at a BRAZTESOL conference,  virtually “accompanied” by many WiA colleagues who she had invited to talk about  technologies that they used in instruction. I was blown AWAY by the ability to hear Bee talking, from my living room, to a live audience in Brazil while connecting with colleagues in Australia, Japan and other places.  I was very comforted by her confidence that the technology would work and that all these creative language people would share  their opinions of what is really possible for our students. Cause that’s the bottom line- when we are talking teacher to teacher, our students can also be talking to each other via skype or meebo or whatever else. All this makes the flat world very cool… 

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    Bonjour! Bom Dia! Marhaba!Welcome!

    Welcome to my language blog. This is where we can continue our discussion about languages and whatever else is on our minds.  This will be a good spot to continue conversations begun elsewhere and to start new ones.

     I want to play with this to see how we might use this technology to make language study real for our students. Everything you see here is free and relatively easy to use.

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